National Advocacy Conference




Registration: $300 until June 16th, 5 pm $500 anytime after!

Register by June 16th at 5 pm EST to lock in the current price of $300 per team, participants can be added later! Registration after June 16th increases to $500 per team! 

Note: Registering after June 16th decreases the chances of a confirmed meeting. We will do our best to get you a meeting with your elected representatives, but the closer we are to the meeting date the less available offices are.

Event Dates: Training Day - Saturday June 19th from Noon to 5pm EDT | Meeting Day - Wednesday June 30th

Location: @ Home (Meeting links for all meetings will be provided)

Please download the brochure below for more details on this unique opportunity to partake in advocacy without the expense and hassle of traveling to Washington, DC.

Click here to view or download the SASA NAC Brochure

Keeping Congress up to date on our STEM priorities is SO IMPORTANT that even though in person meetings in Washington, DC are not happening at this time, we NEED YOUR HELP in building relationships and communicating our priorities while you're at home. Each team registration will get at least 3 meetings with your Congressional delegation and highly interactive and targeted training to make these meetings meaningful and productive!

We will schedule all the meetings and provide all the meeting links. A virtual meeting format will allow participants for more meetings with the actual Member of Congress AND they tend to be longer than in person meetings. Rural and distant areas from DC can easily participate because there are no travel costs! This is your chance to get into ADVOCACY the easiest way possible while still providing a meaningful experience for the student participants!

About the Conference:

You can participate in NAC 2021 from your home or school! Both individuals and small groups may register. We will provide a half day of training and schedule all your meetings for you allowing you to absorb the training, practice, and jump on for real meetings that will have meaningful long-lasting  impact on both Congress and the student participants! We'll walk you through the basics of advocacy while focusing on how to build and leverage relationships with elected officials to  advance STEM and your team/school's goals. We will provide a hands-on and practical introduction on what you need to be an effective advocate at the local, state, and federal levels. We've coached over 2,000 kids to talk to their Members of Congress and advocate to expand to under-served and underrepresented populations while promoting STEM and education. To change culture to value STEM, we must get our policy makers in our nation's capitol on board, first by knowing about, and then by supporting STEM education. If we aren't there telling them about our experiences, who is? This conference will prepare students and mentors for meetings with their Senators and Representatives. We will train you on the Do's & Don'ts of these meetings and give you time to practice and organize your talking points so you are ready. We will be available to help you and support you with everything you may need. We recognize just how important it is to give kids this experience and to remind Congress that they represent us. So important, that we are proceeding, with online meetings since in person meetings are not happening at this time. Online meetings tend to be  longer and with the actual Member AND this makes it easy for areas farther from DC to participate easily! This conference will be valuable for those who have attended NAC in the past, as well as new advocates just starting to think about affecting local, state, and federal policy. If this is your first time meeting with your Senators or Representatives, we will focus on relationship building. If you've already formed a meaningful relationship, you will be focusing on advocating for STEM initiatives. You will also have the chance to ask your school if there are any local issues they would like you to bring forward. The material is geared for middle and high school student and mentor participants of U.S. robotics teams. Students will gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence as they learn, prepare, and lead meetings with Senators and Representatives. Students and mentors alike will be enlightened by how their government works, leading to a stronger interest in advocacy in the future.

Benefits of NAC 2021 @ Home

  • Teams with limited funds can participate!
  • More geographically distant areas can now easily be represented (including those that haven't been represented before!)
  • More students from the team can participate in the Congressional meetings (unlimited number of participants per team)
  • Generally, virtual meetings tend to last longer than in person meetings
  • Because of the flexibility in scheduling, virtual meetings tend to be with the elected official more often than in person meetings
  • Meetings will be scheduled for your group and all you and your team has to do is practice and show up to run the meeting
  • Your team can show off its robot and build space live
  • Talking points and flexible virtual practice time provided for HIGH QUALITY meetings
  • Online dashboard with meeting schedule and post meeting follow up form
  • Relationship building with your Congressional delegation has never been easier!

How much does the conference cost?

  • $300 per team for your entire team/group (at least 3 meetings)
  • $200 discount for SASA Team Members
  • $25 discount for individual SASA Members
  • Your $300 team membership registration fee includes a SASA 1 year team membership (you do not need to join first)
  • A single individual attending from a state/area would register as a team/group.


Please contact us with ANY questions at

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