The Student Association for STEM Advocacy's (SASA) mission is to develop student advocates to expand access to STEM opportunities. SASA’s goal is to start, maintain, and expand state advocacy efforts in all 50 state. This agreement outlines the mutually agreed upon details of how you (the conference organizers) and your event will engage with SASA to run a successful state advocacy conference. 

About Your State Advocacy Conference:

Please provide the information below regarding your plans for a state advocacy conference:

How SASA Can Help You:

Different resources may be needed for different conferences, depending on the format and state, but the list below encompasses possible benefits SASA can provide as you plan a state advocacy conference. Please check off or otherwise mark which items you will need SASA to provide.

SASA can act as your fiduciary agent by signing space rental agreements and collecting registration fees in the event that your team or school is unable to “own” the event from a legal standpoint.
SASA can provide experienced speakers on:
SASA can reach out to education associations to ask for speakers on the following topics on your behalf:
SASA can provide these registration tools and processes:
SASA can connect you with your local program partners and use our lists to promote the conference.
For virtual conferences, SASA can provide you with a Zoom Webinar Licensing that can have up to 1000 people and handle registration. This can be used for SAC events or training events.

Requirements for SASA Involvement

To further the effectiveness of our advocacy efforts and to continue to build a coalition allowing every team to represent all organizations SASA is partnered with and the entirety of the state, we must have each event participant either be a SASA member beforehand or become one as part of the event registration. Below is a list of requirements for you as we partner with your state advocacy conference:

  1. SASA membership required:

    1. In the promotion for your event, and at your state advocacy conference, participants either need to be a member prior to the conference or they need to join as part of the registration fee. They will receive all the benefits of SASA membership for one year. For each participant that becomes a member as part of the registration process, SASA will receive $25.

      1. For virtual events we recommend a fee structure of $0 for SASA members and $25 for nonmembers

        1. SASA will help assess attendee membership status as needed.

  2. National Advocacy Conference promoted:

    1. We also would like you to promote and allow SASA to promote the National Advocacy Conference, which takes place in Washington DC annually.

  3. Providing us the list of participants:

    1. Advocacy is more successful in greater numbers. We require the attendee list so we can add all of the participants as members, so they receive our Newsletters and other member benefits like discounted NAC registration.

  4. Fee Structure:

    1. Please outline your events fee structure below or send a draft to us at [email protected]

By working with SASA on a State Advocacy Conference, SASA will provide the assistance and resources listed above. For this help, we expect you to provide the items listed above, as these will help to grow SASA and create a stronger base for advocating. We look forward to partnering with you! Please state your agreement with the terms outlines above by signing below: